Latest Technology

We take great pride in providing our patients with high-quality orthodontic care by using the most advanced technologies available today! To help create the smile you want, we utilize digital three-dimensional (3-D) images of your dental structures - teeth, bite pattern, and jaw position.

We obtain these 3-D images, or impressions, by using a digital scanner. The impressions help us accurately diagnose your orthodontic condition and formulate a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific orthodontic needs and desires. We will also use these images to visually show you your treatment options and help us keep you up-to-date on your treatment progress.

After your specific treatment plan has been decided upon, the digital impressions allow us to create customized bracket trays that we use to place the brackets on your teeth, all at one time, with increased efficiency and overall effectiveness.

At Columbia Orthodontics, we believe our precise combination of knowledge, skill and technology enables us to deliver optimum results for each patient!