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Halloween 2020 Tips

Trick or treat! It seems like braces and Halloween candy mix like oil and water—or vampires and werewolves, if you prefer. But the truth is not ALL Halloween candy is off-limits for braces wearers. Of course, there are foods to avoid with braces. You probably learned about those at one of your initial orthodontist visits. Braces won't stop you from enjoying Halloween, but it is necessary to take some precautions to make sure that you are making the right choices for your smile this holiday. We're here to help! Here are a few tips, tricks, and treats to make sure your Halloween doesn't end with a broken bracket or cavities!

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Mythbusting Orthodontics

At Columbia Orthodontics, our mission is to help each of our patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile - and we believe patient education is critical to that cause. We've heard some unfortunate rumors and myths about orthodontic treatment that leave many patients with fears and beliefs that just aren't founded, so for this blog, we wanted to dispel a few of the most common myths surrounding orthodontic treatment.

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Protecting Your Child’s Teeth During The Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, and holiday feasts, candy canes and desserts around every corner, it can be tough to keep your child away from the all of the sweets and treats.

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Halloween with Braces

Happy Halloween and National Orthodontics Month from Columbia Orthodontics. In light of both occasions, our team has put together tips and tricks to help you have a wonderful Halloween holiday, while keeping your teeth healthy and your children's braces in tact.

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Happy New Patients - Kendall & Addison!

Meet Addison and Kendall, our happy new patients! They got their new braces on last Wednesday (August 5th) and are excited for the results.

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Benefits of Antibacterial Mouthwash

You may be wondering why you need to use mouthwash if you brush your teeth. However, there's a big difference between just brushing your teeth and doing both. Brushing your teeth is necessary to clean your teeth even underneath or around your wires and braces.

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We Make Happy Patients!

We love making our patients smile here at Columbia Orthodontics and there is no better way than to let them choose fun band colors for their braces! We've collected a few photos from some happy patients who love being able to choose their band colors.

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