Protecting Your Child’s Teeth During The Holidays

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth During The Holidays
Posted on 12/23/2015

Blog_img1_24Dec2015With the holiday season in full swing, and holiday feasts, candy canes and desserts around every corner, it can be tough to keep your child away from the all of the sweets and treats. Dr. James West and our team at Columbia Orthodontics has put together a couple of helpful tips to help your child upkeep good oral hygiene through the holidays.

Tips and Tricks For Combating Cavities

  • Make sure to save desserts, like candy, cakes and cookies for after the main course. The amount of saliva in the mouth is greater after a meal, and saliva can help clean and rinse the mouth.
  • Avoid hard candies, as they are more likely to get stuck on your child’s teeth.
  • Remember to floss once a day. Flossers can be great tools for kids.
  • Remind your children to drink plenty of water. Drinking water can help rinse the mouth and prevent build up. Studies show that fluoridated water can be additionally beneficial.
  • Dairy products can act as a bugger to harmful bacteria. Consider serving a glass of milk or just cheese slices along with any sugary foods and treats.

It may also be helpful to set treats aside, and establish times during the day that your child can enjoy a treat. That way your child can get used to a pattern, and avoid consuming too much sugar.

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