Benefits of Antibacterial Mouthwash

Benefits of Antibacterial Mouthwash
Posted on 07/24/2015

You may be wondering why you need to use mouthwash if you brush your teeth. However, there’s a big difference between just brushing your teeth and doing both. Brushing your teeth is necessary to clean your teeth even underneath or around your wires and braces. Additionally, mouthwash is important in protecting your mouth and teeth from infection and irritation. At Columbia Orthodontics, our team recommends Peroxyl, a hydrogen peroxide antiseptic mouth rinse, to all our patients to ensure clean and healthy teeth during treatment.

Common Uses Of Antiseptic Mouth Rinse

Antibacterial mouthwash is important for your oral health. Peroxyl, a well-known professional dental mouthwash, is used for a variety of reasons. Like all mouthwashes, apart from giving you great smelling, minty breath, antiseptic mouthwash helps prevent infection by inhibiting plaque from building up around the teeth. Mouthwash also loosens up any hidden food particles to make it easier during brushing & flossing. Even better, this antiseptic reduces the chances of cavities!

In addition to these three very significant uses, Peroxyl or any kind of antibacterial mouthwash can be used to relieve pain and infection in the mouth. It can be used to reduce inflammation of your gums and cheeks, as well as can help prevent infection and irritation that may develop from braces. Peroxyl relieves conditions such as apthous ulcers, pericoronitis, as well as pain and trauma from braces. Similar to using peroxide for a scrape on your skin, Peroxyl helps the inside of your mouth heal from general irritation caused by braces, canker sores, cheek bites and other minor irritation to the gums.

When using the antiseptic Peroxyl, it is highly recommended to use the following guidelines:

  • Rinse your mouth with two teaspoons of Peroxyl (one capful) for one minute and then spit it out
  • You may use it up to four times daily, even after brushing
  • Should be used after meals (or after school/work) and before bed

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You

Proper oral hygiene is correlated with your overall health, as gum disease or gingivitis can lead to serious health problems. So take care of your teeth and your oral hygiene by taking quick rinses of antiseptic mouthwash, or Peroxyl, to help prevent any type of infection or help relieve irritation. If you have any questions about how to take proper care of your teeth while wearing braces, contact our team at Columbia Orthodontics and we will be happy to answer any concerns!